The Collective

All the Crosscurrent Collective team members have at least two things in common: they believe in the positive power of destination tourism, and they’re really good human beings. Each of us is a sole proprietor or business owner who’s skilled in a specific discipline that can support destination development or management, and many of us have worked together for years. We’re guides, facilitators, program designers and more, and we’re ready to collaborate in ways that will meet the unique challenges in your destination.

Kristin Dahl

Building resilient communities through sustainable travel and outdoor recreation

Judy Walden

Balancing tourism and historical, cultural and natural resources

Chris Bernhardt

Sharing the outdoors with everyone

Matthew "Mista" Ruddy

Creative collaboration on education, equity and the arts

Laura Crawford

Fostering connection between destinations and visiting cyclists

David Sawyer

Cultivating high intelligence in human systems

Holly Macfee

Breakthrough destination branding and marketing

Chris Seek

Supporting global development through sustainable tourism

David Beurle

Building future intelligence and people's capacity for planning

David Kestenbaum

Creating triple-bottom-line solutions that maximize impact

Bonnie Lippit

Strengthening relationships between communities and public lands managers

Brian T. Mullis

Empowering community-led tourism that positively impacts visitors, host communities and the environment

Dan Clasen

Empowering communities to be thriving destinations for visitors and residents

Jim Moore

Crafting powerful communications that foster destination development

Kieron Wilde

Increasing appreciation and understanding of our world through transformational experiences

Ólöf Ýrr Atladóttir

Developing tourism for destinations of the future

Bobby Chappell

Leveraging tourism’s positive impact within the community ecosystem

Sarah Craig

Design that draws people in

Kate Harbour

Helping small communities tackle big destination challenges

Dan Moore

Raising standards, quality and sustainability in travel

Stephen Hatfield

Empowering communities to harness the regenerative power of tourism

Alicia Milligan

Advancing sustainable, inclusive tourism through community insight

Mark Buckley

Empowering decision-makers with complete information about the benefits and costs of their options

Crosscurrent makes the complex simple.

  • 01
    Set Up a Discovery Session
    Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute discovery session.
  • 02
    Create a Road Map
    Together we’ll sketch a road map to get a feel for the investment required.
  • 03
    Get to Work
    Once the road map is clear and the details agreed on, we’ll get right to work!