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Not many business or community leaders have training in managing destination tourism. Without a baseline understanding of current tourism trends and opportunities, key players can make decisions based on wildly different information, in ways that may actually be counter-productive to one another. Crosscurrent meets this challenge by designing and delivering training that effectively brings people from different disciplines together to build a common base of up-to-date understanding for developing a tourism destination.
Our participant-centered, highly engaging training can be part of a longer-term community engagement process, or delivered as stand-alone modules. Each training is customized to the unique challenges of your destination, beginning with making sure everyone knows what’s going on in their own destination. Crosscurrent CEO Kristin Dahl, founded Travel Oregon’s award-winning Oregon Tourism Studio program, which included the Rural Tourism, Destination Management and Experience studios. This innovative program resulted in better local collaboration, and hundreds of tangible destination improvement projects.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about the impacts of the Oregon Tourism Studio program.


Here are the some of the benefits you can look forward to when you roll up your sleeves and work with Crosscurrent:


Best practice training that can ignite new thinking for your destination.

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A common frame of reference for advancing collaborative solutions.

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Agreement around priority actions as an end product.

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New Relationships

New connections and relationships that can positively impact your work.

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Typical trainings include:
  • Community visioning and scenario-planning
  • Destination development: definitions, strategies, current trends
  • Destination management: definitions, strategies, current trends
  • Visitor experience development in:
    • Outdoor recreation development (ex.: trails, bicycle travel, water-based recreation)
    • Bicycle tourism development (road, mountain, gravel and events)
    • River and paddle sports recreation development
    • Agritourism and local food systems (ex.: on-farm experiences, integrating local foods into the visitor experience)
    • Cultural heritage (ex.: bringing local stories to life, empowering indigenous communities)
  • Being welcoming: how to welcome diverse populations and perspectives into destination design
  • Understanding and establishing destination networks
  • Field-based team-building experiences

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Kristin Dahl and the Crosscurrent team are available for speaking engagements at conferences and events. If travel to a location is not possible, we can make virtual online presentations.
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Crosscurrent makes the complex simple.

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