Hear From Our Past Clients

" When you need an experienced tourism professional to coalesce partners toward a shared vision and strategies, Kristin Dahl is the best in the industry. She has a unique and unparalleled ability to design and facilitate a community engagement process. She builds meaningful and trustful relationships that create lasting impacts in regions. "
Marie Simonds
" Even the best facilitators tend to focus a conversation around either a vision OR a strategy. Kristin holds the group’s vision up high and guides them quickly toward action. She also has that rare ability to speak the truth while maintaining trust from large and diverse groups. "
Lee Davis
" Kristin Dahl has had a major influence on the success of tourism—at national, state and local levels. Her leadership in founding the Destination Development program at Travel Oregon has helped many local tourism organizations achieve their goals in outdoor recreation, culinary/agritourism and cultural heritage programs. "
Nan Devlin
" The work Kristin Dahl pioneered for Travel Oregon was an ongoing source of inspiration as we shaped our Colorado Rural Academy for Tourism. It’s hard to overestimate Kristin’s impact on the field of destination development, which she gets credit for pioneering. "
Cathy Ritter
" I’ve watched Kristin uniquely navigate the worlds of government, nonprofit organizations and businesses to create outcomes that could only come through visionary thinking and deep collaboration. "
Kevin Gorman
" I was fortunate to work alongside Kristin for 13 years as she built one of the country’s finest tourism destination development programs. Her vision of tourism through a management lens was transformational for Oregon. She built a timely and kick-ass curriculum, hired an epic team, and delivered results that are paying long-term dividends for Oregon communities. More than anything, she’s a great human with a huge heart. "
Scott West
" Kristin immediately grasped the spirit and intent of our sustainable tourism effort in western Maine, and helped our team craft compelling language and a dynamic management and marketing plan to carry the work forward. She understands the interplay between macro level trends, the interests of local businesses, and sensitivities of people living in rural destinations. "
Mike Wilson
"Kristin Dahl is a visionary, an innovator and a pioneer in the travel industry. Future-focused and community-centered, she cares deeply, thinks strategically and dreams passionately. Best of all is her ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders to weave together a shared vision AND the plan to realize it."
Todd Davidson
" Crosscurrent proved instrumental in helping to form a regional stewardship network in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The Network's multisector partners have varied interests in the Gorge, and Kristin's experience and leadership fostered a systems perspective for gathering and synthesizing data, generating insights, and making actionable recommendations based on shared understanding and common goals. "
Mick Minard
" We hired Future iQ and Crosscurrent to help with Maine’s Community Destination Academy. Kristin guided the leadership team in finding the right language, images and concepts to create a sustainable travel pledge for a high use outdoor recreation destination in western Maine. Her patience, precision, quick understanding and rapid turnaround were amazing. Kristin’s amiable nature, skill in working with people and rapid creation of quality outcomes are impressive. "
Donna Moreland