The Collective


Matthew Ruddy

Creative collaboration on education, equity and the arts

Matt Ruddy builds on his personal experiences and his passion for the outdoors to support more holistic decision-making by leadership teams focused on community-based tourism and outdoor recreation development. He has more than 20 years of experience in education and community development, focusing on helping clients build diversity, equity and inclusion strategies into their work in practical ways that bring enlightenment and better decision-making. Matt emphasizes the benefits of critical thinking, collective problem-solving and values collaboration as key ingredients in collective improvement. His eclectic professional experience includes building impactful literacy programming for Portland YouthBuilders and serving as a legislative consultant for Culturally Responsive Practice. Matt also serves as an adjunct instructor in the Graduate Teacher Education Program at Portland State University, with classes and coursework focused on equity and social justice


  • DEI training
  • DEI coaching
  • Equity lens development