Strategy + Program Design


Designing and developing programming that’s targeted at destination development and management can be tricky. You have to ensure the program achieves the main objectives. The strategies you employ may require buy-in from multiple people, organizations and/or agencies in order to be effective. The programming must align community values with visitor experiences. Behind the simple goal of developing tourism, program design can be a complex process.
We have more than 16 years of experience sorting the puzzle pieces of tourism programming that unlock a destination’s true potential. We serve as a strategic partner, helping you at every stage: program design, development and delivery. We are geared to assist local, state or regional destination marketing and/or management organizations, state Offices of Outdoor Recreation and similar, as well as private and public land management agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service or regional land conservation organizations.


Here are the some of the benefits you can look forward to when you roll up your sleeves and work with Crosscurrent:

New Experiences

New experiences that elevate your destination in visitors’ eyes.

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Better Visitor Engagement

A better experience, informed by and engaged with the local culture.

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Local Satisfaction

Tourism programming that aligns with local values and increases residents’ satisfaction.

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On-the-Ground Results

Impactful programs that generate tangible results in the community.

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Crosscurrent can be your strategic partner for comprehensive destination development programs, developing simple performance metrics and program evaluation tools as part of the design process. We can also help individual companies strategize as they design and develop new experiences in a destination.

Programs for improving the visitor experience:

  • Outdoor recreation experience development
  • Bike tourism experience development
  • Food and farm trail program development
  • Visitor transportation development

Programs for high-use destinations:

  • Responsible-visitor communication campaigns
  • Trailhead ambassador programs
  • Visitor transportation initiatives
  • Travel philanthropy programs
  • Developing destination networks

Programs for increasing positive impacts:

  • Sustainable business development programs
  • Regenerative tourism education programs
  • Travel philanthropy programs

Crosscurrent makes the complex simple.

  • 01
    Set Up a Discovery Session
    Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute discovery session.
  • 02
    Create a Road Map
    Together we’ll sketch a road map to get a feel for the investment required.
  • 03
    Get to Work
    Once the road map is clear and the details agreed on, we’ll get right to work!