Speaking Engagements

Tourism – Wielding the Double-edged Sword

A workshop at the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s 2020 virtual Adventure Elevate conference featuring panelists:

  • David Beurle, CEO, Future IQ
  • Kristin Dahl, VP of Destination Development, Travel Oregon
  • Mike Wilson, Senior Program Director, Northern Forest Center

Workshop description:

Adventure tourism has long been promoted as a potent regional economic development tool. However, while regions crave the economic infusion that new visitors bring, some are reeling from the impacts of too many visitors. This workshop dives deeper into the macro trends shared during David Beurle’s opening keynote to explore sustainable and smart tourism initiatives, where regional communities are working to achieve a fine balance between industry impact and local benefit. With examples from around the world, explore creative solutions for resilience and recovery during uncertainty, collaboration on shared visions, and smart destination development.

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