Speaking Engagements

Tourism as a Partner for Sustainability

A virtual workshop at the 2021 Public Lands Alliance conference facilitated by Chuck Lennox of Lennox insights featuring:

  • Donny Leadbetter, National Park Service Tourism Program
  • Nan Devlin, Tillamook Coast Visitors Association
  • Kristin Dahl, Crosscurrent Collective

Workshop description:

How well do you know the tourism industry? The industry is sometimes maligned and blamed for problems and often not included in conservation planning and strategy development. Have you ever thought about tourism being a PARTNER who can help you achieve your goals and support your efforts for conservation and stewardship? Hear from three professionals in the industry with examples of tourism supporting sustainability and resource protection in your communities.

About the Public Lands Alliance conference

What is typically an annual convention and trade show was shifted to a virtual conference in 2021 due to the pandemic.  Over 500 participants convened virtually for this event, taking in sessions from over 80 subject matter experts and experienced public lands professionals as well as meeting with over 65 vendors exhibiting new products, services and solutions for our attendees’ educational and outreach efforts.

Learn more about the
Public Lands Alliance:

The Public Lands Alliance has worked to foster and advance its members, the nonprofit partners of America’s public lands, since 1977. They are a unified, powerful community dedicated to the preservation, enrichment and enjoyment of America’s most treasured places.

Their members serve over 675 public lands sites nationwide in cooperation with their land management agency partners, and they raise $250 million annually to support those lands.

  • They CONNECT public lands partners not only to agency leaders and socially conscious corporations but also to one another in a vibrant peer network.
  • They STRENGTHEN their community through targeted education, training and our other capacity building programs.
  • They REPRESENT their members’ interests with elected officials and policy makers.