Speaking Engagements

Destination Strategy Trends – Centering Community in Our Work

Crosscurrent delivered this 75-minute in-person training to attendees of Travel Oregon’s annual Destination Development Learning Lab, November 9-10, 2022, in Oregon City.

Workshop Description

Attend this workshop to develop a better understanding of the key definitions and relevant trends involved in successful destination management. We’ll share local, regional and global best practices for defining and developing the three key pathways that lead to effective destination management: destination development, destination stewardship and destination marketing.

Destination Development Learning Lab – About
This two-day training supports professionals new to the Oregon tourism industry – who have been leading and coordinating tourism development and tourism management projects for less than three years. The Learning Lab includes interactive workshops, discussions, presentations and learning tour activities. The content covers the full arc of visitor experience development – from initial conception of a project/program through sales and promotion. Programming includes best practices on essential niche visitor experiences development, engaging community, facilitating successful project teams, connecting development efforts to marketing, and maximizing the tourism engine behind your product.

Travel Oregon – About
The Oregon Tourism Commission (OTC), doing business as Travel Oregon, was formed in 1995 and granted semi-independent agency status in 2003 by the Oregon State Legislature. Funded by the 1.5% statewide transient lodging tax, Travel Oregon carries out statewide work as the official destination management organization — including directly investing 30% of the tax revenue into Oregon’s tourism industry and communities through the dedicated Regional Cooperative Tourism Program and a competitive grants program.

Destination Development Department – About
Travel Oregon’s Destination Development department serves Oregon to create robust and sustainable tourism economies by developing authentic, world-class experiences for travelers that aim to preserve, enhance and celebrate the local landscape and culture. Meet the team.

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