Washington’s Premier Community-Based Stewardship Program


Cultivating leadership in developing destinations to respond to shifting travel patterns post-pandemic and ensuring regional tourism is guided in a way that has a net-positive impact on local economies, communities and ecosystems over time.


For our ongoing Washington Tourism Workspace, Crosscurrent Collective designs, creates and delivers a series of regional workshops to help a diverse set of community and business leaders coalesce around a common vision and develop a new roadmap for sustainable tourism.

For each destination we engage, we work with a regional convener and a diverse steering committee to develop custom planning and engagement programs that help communities build alliances and partnerships, protect and enhance local resources, and stimulate the local economy through sustainable tourism development. The working group uses input from community engagement sessions to identify short- and long-term goals with specific projects, teams and outcomes.


We shape the future of a growing tourism and outdoor recreation economy by increasing local collaboration through Destination Leadership Teams (DLTs) and building innovative roadmaps that include ongoing impact toward a 10-year Community Vision of Success.

This project is ongoing. We are currently working in the Walla Walla Vally through Spring 2024.  Learn more about the Walla Walla Valley Tourism Workspace.

Completed Workspaces



  1. Support the solicitation and selection of destination candidates
  2. Form robust, diverse destination steering committees
  3. Conduct primary stakeholder, resident and visitor research
  4. Design and produce custom community engagement processes to meet local objectives
  5. Conduct future-scenario planning exercises with the community at large
  6. Design and deliver custom strategy workshops to increase knowledge and propel action
  7. Support the formation of Destination Leadership Teams
  8. Launch Action Teams ready to support the implementation of priority projects





  • Future IQ
  • Pandion Consulting
  • C2 Recreation Consulting
  • Walden Mills
  • Sustainable Connections
  • The Urban Nomad


Crosscurrent makes the complex simple.

  • 01
    Set Up a Discovery Session
    Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute discovery session.
  • 02
    Create a Road Map
    Together we’ll sketch a road map to get a feel for the investment required.
  • 03
    Get to Work
    Once the road map is clear and the details agreed on, we’ll get right to work!