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Laura Crawford

Fostering connection between destinations and visiting cyclists

Laura Crawford is a recreation marketing adviser, with an emphasis on how bicycle tourism can support the economic development of small and rural communities. She is the co-founder of The Path Less Pedaled, which has helped foster a richer understanding of bicycle travel since 2009. Deeply embedded within the bike community, The Path Less Pedaled has a unique perspective on who cyclists are and what they want, providing communities and agencies with the insights necessary to bridge the gap between the planning process and a visitors’ arrival. The Path Less Pedaled has partnered with dozens of communities and agencies across the U.S. to develop and market bicycle tourism destinations, while also building and supporting a community of bike travelers through digital storytelling and a popular YouTube channel. From 2017 to 2020, Laura was the U.S. Bicycle Route System Coordinator with Adventure Cycling Association, working in partnership with all 50 states to develop official bike routes. She is committed to helping communities be authentic and self-sustaining in their tourism efforts, and helping transportation agencies understand the role that public roadways play in bicycle tourism initiatives.


  • Community bike tourism training
  • Bike tourism asset/gap analysis
  • Visitor outreach strategy development